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Pioneering Precision in AI Conversations: Capybara Hermes 2.5 Mistral 7B

CapybaraHermes 2.5 Mistral 7B

Artificial Intelligence is swiftly evolving, and in this dynamic realm, the Capybara Hermes 25 Mistral 7B model has marked its territory. As the latest innovation, this model is not just another milestone but a transformative leap in AI language understanding and preference tuning.

Crafting the Capybara Hermes 2.5 Mistral 7B


create with distilable

Partnering with the newly developed capybara-dpo dataset and built using Distilabel's ⚗️ technology, Capybara Hermes 2.5 Mistral 7B is a preference-tuned marvel. The model fine-tunes the already potent OpenHermes-2.5 with precision tools like LoRA and TRL, enhancing its capabilities over three epochs with Argilla's dpo mix 7k.

Measuring Up: The Benchmarks of Success

To assess its multi-turn conversation prowess, the MTBench was employed. But the evaluation didn't stop there; the Nous Benchmark was also included, along with a comparison against the robust Mistral-7B-Instruct-v0.2 model. Here's how CapybaraHermes


stood out:

  • AGIEval: 43.8

  • GPT4All: 73.35

  • TruthfulQA: 57.07

  • Bigbench: 42.44

  • MTBench First Turn: 8.24375

  • MTBench Second Turn: 7.5625

  • Nous Average: 54.16

  • MTBench Average: 7.903125


In contrast, the original OpenHermes-2.5 and Mistral-7B-Instruct-v0.2 models showcased commendable but slightly lesser capabilities.

Second Turn Scores: A Leap in Conversational AI

One of the most striking highlights was the enhanced performance on the MTBench Second Turn scores. This improvement points to CapybaraHermes's refined understanding and response accuracy in ongoing dialogues, a critical aspect of conversational AI.

The Fusion Experiment: Beagle14-7B

For enthusiasts of model merging, the Beagle14-7B was also preference-tuned, blending the capybara-dpo with distilabel orca pairs. This experiment followed the NeuralBeagle's recipe and yielded impressive benchmarks, further cementing the success of the tuning process.

AGIEval AI Performance Chart

AGIEval Benchmark Result

The "AGIEval Benchmark Results" bar chart illustrates a comparative analysis of AI models' performances. "Nous-Hermes-Llama2-70b" tops the chart with a score near 44.51, with other models like "OpenHermes 2 Mistral 7b" and "OpenOrca Mistral 7b" following suit. The color-coded bars—ranging from yellow for the highest scores to blue and purple for lower ones—visually differentiate the models' capabilities in tasks likely related to language and cognitive reasoning. This chart not only serves as a scoreboard for AI excellence but also as a snapshot of the current state of AI advancements.

In Conclusion: The Future Is Here

The CapybaraHermes 2.5 Mistral 7B model stands as a testament to the leaps being made in AI language models. With its enhanced second-turn conversation capabilities and strong benchmark performances, it is a model that paves the way for more natural, accurate, and engaging AI-powered dialogues. As AI continues to integrate into our daily lives, models like CapybaraHermes are at the forefront, leading the charge in intelligent communication.

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