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Rocketship Your Business with the Power of Generative AI.

About us

At, we're your comprehensive AI development ally, steering you from initial concept to polished end-product, and continuing our partnership into the future. We're more than just machine learning experts - we are the team dedicated to aiding startups and corporate entities in designing advanced AI solutions that amplify efficiency and spur growth. Under the leadership of our founder, Yash Thakker, we navigate you through the entire AI implementation process, transforming your innovative ideas into tangible, ready-to-deploy solutions. Our prowess spans across diverse industries, empowering us to assist you in constructing a ground-breaking product that catalyzes your company's triumph. Together, let's illuminate the path to AI-driven success.

Harness extensive AI proficiency to unlock and boost your business's potential to its maximum. Transform challenges into opportunities with our cutting-edge AI solutions.

Training &

Conduct Hackathons & Full AI Training for your employees

Complete hand's on AI Tool knowledge for all the latest tools.

NLP Development

Implementation of custom bots for unparalleled user experience.

Using open source models: Fine tuning for your use cases.

Automating Internal Processes and leveraging ai wherever possible.


Complete Product, Growth & Process audits with recommendations on the next steps.

Product Strategy & Roadmap Development for Generative AI Use cases

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