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explainX won the Zhengjiang Government grant for implementing explainable AI solution in high-tech financial services companies

Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, July 6, 2020 – has won the prestigious Zhenjiang Government High-Tech Grant on July 6th for outstanding presentation and demonstration of the explainX product & platform. ranks in the top 18 and receives recognition with eight other entrepreneurial ventures that won the grant for the development of artificial intelligence solutions in the country. 

Brief background of award’s history and summary of ceremony:

The Zhenjiang High-Tech Zone Cup “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” focused on attracting high-level talent resources to gather in the Zhenjiang High-Tech Zone to promote high-quality development of the region with a specific focus on artificial intelligence. Judges included industry, investment, and finance experts. 

From this distinguished competition, award winners will receive not only honor certificates, but also future venture capital support, project support, entrepreneurship support, and angel investment guides financial support to reach their business goals. ExplainX is honored and thankful to be a part of this. 

Muddassar Sharif, co-founder of ExplainX and one of the pitchers at the competition, stated: “We are super excited about helping Chinese data scientists and companies use explainable AI to successfully implement their AI use cases within their organizations - at scale”. 


ExplainX provides the AI explainability infrastructure that helps businesses build unbiased, transparent and trustworthy AI systems. Using explainX, data scientists can explain, monitor and debug their black-box AI models - in just a single line of code. At explainX, we believe in the principles of trust, diversity & transparency - this is reflected in our mission and the products that we build. We love open-sourcing our code and sharing what we have built with the community - download our library from Github. If you want to make an impact and are excited about how building trustworthy & unbiased AI systems can change the world, join our growing community of data scientists. Check us out @ and join the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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