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Unlocking the Potential of AI with the "GPT-Prompt-Engineer"

Have you ever desired a tool that can generate the most optimal GPT prompts for any task at hand? Your search ends here. The innovative AI-based solution - "gpt-prompt-engineer" - has been designed for this very purpose. It functions as an AI agent that creates the most efficient GPT prompts, simplifying your task descriptions while enhancing performance.


What Does the GPT-Prompt-Engineer Do?

The process of leveraging the gpt-prompt-engineer is straightforward. All you have to do is to describe a task. Post this, an intricate chain of AI systems gets into action by:

  • Generating a multitude of potential prompts,

  • Testing and ranking each of them based on performance,

  • Returning the best possible prompt.

The magic happens after the generation. Each prompt is tested against all the test cases and is ranked using an ELO rating system. This forms the backbone of this tool, making it an efficient platform for prompt engineering. Find more details and access the project here.

What Sets the GPT-Prompt-Engineer Apart?

The essence of prompt engineering lies in experimentation until the most effective prompt is found. The gpt-prompt-engineer brings this experimentation to life by offering unique features:

  • Prompt Generation: The gpt-prompt-engineer utilizes GPT-4 and GPT-3.5-Turbo for generating a wide variety of potential prompts based on the provided use-case and test cases.

  • Prompt Testing and Ranking: After the prompts are generated, the system tests each of them against all the test cases, compares their performance, and ranks them using the ELO rating system.

  • ELO Rating System: Each prompt starts with an ELO rating of 1200. As the prompts compete against each other in generating responses to the test cases, their ELO ratings vary based on their performance, making it easier to identify the most effective prompts.

  • Classification Version: The gpt-prompt-engineer also offers a Classification Version notebook designed to handle classification tasks. It evaluates the correctness of a test case by matching it to the expected output and provides a table with scores for each prompt.

  • Weights & Biases Logging: This optional feature allows logging of your configurations such as temperature and max tokens, system and user prompts for each part, test cases used, and the final ranked ELO rating for each candidate prompt. This is only available in the main gpt-prompt-engineer notebook for now.

How to Use the GPT-Prompt-Engineer?

To use the gpt-prompt-engineer, follow these steps:

  1. Open the notebook in Google Colab or a local Jupyter notebook. For classification tasks, use this link.

  2. Add your OpenAI API key to the line openai.api_key = "ADD YOUR KEY HERE".

  3. Define your use-case and test cases. The use-case is a description of what you want the AI to do, and the test cases are specific prompts you want the AI to respond to.

  4. Decide how many prompts to generate. Keep in mind, this can get expensive if you generate too many prompts. A good starting point is 10.

  5. Call generate_optimal_prompt(description, test_cases, number_of_prompts) to generate a list of potential prompts, and test and rate their performance.

The final ELO ratings will be displayed in a table, sorted in descending order. The higher the rating, the better the prompt. This project is a testament to the powerful blend of AI and creativity, promising an exciting future for the world of prompt engineering.

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