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Top 10 Handpicked Generative AI Courses to enroll in 2023

Are you fascinated by the potential of Generative AI but find yourself overwhelmed by the complexities of this cutting-edge technology? Fear not! Leading companies like ExplainX, Google, AWS, Microsoft, and Infosys have recognized the importance of upskilling the global workforce in Generative AI. In this blog, we present a handpicked list of the top 10 Generative AI courses that these companies have launched to help you upgrade your skills and apply them effectively in your workplace. By delving into these courses, you can become a part of the AI revolution and unlock the transformative power of Generative AI.

1. Prompt Engineering: Getting Future Ready (1000+ Prompts inc)

The course "Prompt Engineering: Getting Future Ready" is tailored for beginners who seek to explore the exciting world of Generative AI in 2023. It equips participants with the fundamental skills needed to create a vast array of unique prompts for cutting-edge AI models such as ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, and MidJourney. Through this course, learners will learn the art of crafting prompts that elicit specific responses and outputs from AI systems.

One of the core aspects covered in this course is the generation of text and image-based prompts tailored to the user's preferred writing style and genre. By mastering the use of tools like Leonardo and DALL-E, participants can produce captivating content that resonates with their target audience. The course offers access to a treasure trove of resources, templates, and guides comprising over 1000+ prompts, empowering learners to enhance their creativity and productivity.

Course Link 2. Introduction to Generative AI by Google

Google's latest generative AI learning path comprises ten courses designed to enhance your comprehension of AI and machine learning principles. Dive into the fundamentals of generative AI for real-world applications. Learn about responsible AI implementation, image generation, large language models (LLMs), and more. Understand the transformative potential of Generative AI with Google's comprehensive course offerings.

Course Link 3. Master Generative AI: Automate Content Effortlessly with AI

Rated at an impressive 4.3 stars out of 5 by 2681 enrolled learners out of 8942, the "Master Generative AI" course offers a comprehensive journey into the world of automating content creation with state-of-the-art AI models. Participants will delve into a plethora of Generative AI tools, including ChatGPT, DALLE-2, Stable Diffusion, Whisper, Synthesia, MAKE-A-VIDEO, and IMAGEN, gaining proficiency in automating text, image, audio, and video generation.

The course emphasizes the automation of content creation without requiring any coding, making it accessible to individuals from various backgrounds. Participants will unleash their AI creativity with the aid of avatars and explore the latest advancements and concepts in the field of Generative AI, such as GANs, LMMs, and Transformers.

With a strong emphasis on staying updated with the latest Generative AI news and tools, learners can continuously advance their skills and remain at the forefront of innovation. By the end of the course, participants will have honed their abilities to automate content generation with the power of Generative AI, enabling them to adapt and thrive in the dynamic world of digital content.

Course Link 4. Generative AI with Large Language Models

Learn the Fundamentals of Generative AI for Real-World Applications Join Andrew Ng’s DeepLearning.AI and Amazon Web Services (AWS) in their new course, "Generative AI with Large Language Models." This course equips you with extensive knowledge of the generative AI lifecycle and its reliance on LLMs. Understand the intricacies of LLMs and learn how to utilize them effectively for various tasks. Select the most suitable model for specific purposes and employ effective training techniques to maximize their impact.

Course Link 5. Introduction to Responsible AI

The implementation of responsible AI is of paramount importance in today's technology-driven world. This course by Google delves into the company's 7 AI Principles, emphasizing social responsibility, accountability, and privacy design principles. Learn how responsible AI is integrated into Google's products and understand its significance in shaping a better future.

Course Link 6.Introduction to Image Generation

Generating images using stable diffusion is a significant aspect of Generative AI. In this course, explore diffusion models, machine learning, deep learning, and convolutional neural networks to master the art of image generation. Unlock the creative potential of Generative AI and create hyper-realistic images for various applications.

7. Dominate SEO with ChatGPT: The AI Powered Search Revolution

As businesses and content creators strive to optimize their online presence, mastering the intersection of SEO and Generative AI is vital for success. The course "Dominate SEO with ChatGPT" empowers learners with the critical knowledge of how AI shapes the future of SEO strategies and content optimization.

Participants will develop expertise in using Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, GPT-4, Midjourney, Bard, GEN-2, and Leonardo to produce high-quality content and images. The course demonstrates how ChatGPT can be effectively employed for various SEO tasks, including keyword research, content optimization, and backlinking strategies.

The course also addresses the need to optimize blog posts and other content types using AI tools, with a particular focus on leveraging ChatGPT's potential in SEO. Participants will learn how to bypass AI-written content and gain a competitive edge in an AI-driven SEO landscape.

8. Career Essentials in Generative AI by Microsoft and LinkedIn

Career Essentials in Generative AI by Microsoft and LinkedIn Microsoft, in collaboration with LinkedIn, offers a game-changing AI Skills Initiative to democratize AI education worldwide. Their Professional Certificate on Generative AI introduces you to the transformative power of this technology. Additionally, the Generative AI Skills Grant Challenge provides an opportunity to explore innovative approaches to training in Generative AI. Embrace the vast array of free digital learning events and resources to enhance your understanding and proficiency in AI. Prepare for in-demand jobs with Microsoft's comprehensive Generative AI course on LinkedIn.

Course Link 9. Introduction to Large Language Models

Large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and Bard are revolutionizing natural language processing. This course provides essential knowledge about LLMs, their architecture, use, and prompt tuning. Gain insights into the possibilities and limitations of LLMs, enabling you to make informed decisions in their implementation.

Course Link 10. Introduction to Generative AI Studio

The Generative AI Studio is a powerful tool for prototyping and customizing AI models. Learn how to utilize this studio to enhance your applications with generative AI capabilities. Engage in walk-through demos, hands-on labs, and quizzes to cement your knowledge and stay at the forefront of Generative AI innovation. Course Link


Generative AI is rapidly transforming industries and creating new possibilities for content creation, search optimization, and more. With the help of these handpicked courses by leading companies, you can upgrade your skills and become future-ready in the field of Generative AI. Embrace the power of AI to stay competitive, enhance your career prospects, and make a significant impact in the world of technology and innovation. Enroll in these courses today and unlock the true potential of Generative AI!

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