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StableStudio: The Next Leap in Open-Source Generative AI Development

Stability AI just announced StableStudio, the open-source version of their flagship text-to-image application, DreamStudio. This release represents a new era for our imaging pipeline and stands as a testament to our commitment to advancing open-source development within the AI ecosystem.

DreamStudio: Enabling Creativity

Ever since the launch of Stable Diffusion, DreamStudio has been the primary interface for showcasing new models and features from Stability AI. It was most recently upgraded to incorporate SDXL, our latest image generation model.

DreamStudio was initially conceived as a platform to bring the power of generative AI to the fingertips of everyday users. Since its inception, it has facilitated the creation of millions of images by its users.

Open-Source, the Stability Way

While we're proud of this achievement, we believe the best way to expand upon this impressive reach is through open, community-driven development, rather than a private iteration of a closed-source product. This ethos has guided the creation of StableStudio.

Our ambition is to join forces with the broader community to create a world-class user interface for generative AI, one that users have complete control over. While DreamStudio will continue to exist as Stability’s hosted StableStudio implementation, our aim is to nurture a project that can surpass anything developed by a single company.

What's Next for StableStudio?

Originally, DreamStudio was envisioned as an animation studio for Disco Diffusion. However, with the introduction of Stable Diffusion in the summer of 2022, our focus shifted towards image generation. Our enduring goal, though, is to create a top-notch multi-modal experience for generative AI. As part of this vision, we plan to release our upcoming chat interface within the StableStudio project.

Join the StableStudio Journey

We've strived to make StableStudio extensible for external developers, allowing for local-first development and experimenting with a new plugin system. In addition to moving our active development into the public repository, we plan to create bounties for improvements and new features. Here are a few areas we'd be excited to support:

Local inference through WebGPU

Local inference through stable-diffusion-webui

Desktop installation

ControlNet tools

We invite you to share your ideas and tell us what you'd like to see in StableStudio!

The launch of StableStudio reaffirms Stability AI’s dedication to open-source development and transparency. We're excited to see what the community will bring to the table. If you're interested in being a part of this journey, check out the README and get started today. The future of generative AI awaits your contribution!



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