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Revamping Image Editing: Adobe Incorporates AI Firefly into Photoshop with 'Generative Fill'

Adobe Photoshop is about to become more powerful and intuitive with the integration of Adobe's AI image generator, Firefly. The new feature, called 'Generative Fill', enables users to modify images quickly, either by adding or removing objects or extending them, using text prompts. This impressive tool, initially launched as a web-only beta version in March, is now making its debut in Photoshop. Currently available in beta, Adobe promises a full-fledged version within the year.

Functioning as a typical Photoshop tool, Generative Fill operates within individual layers of a Photoshop image file. When used to enlarge the boundaries of an image (also known as outpainting) or create new objects, it offers three options to select from. For outpainting, if the user leaves the prompt empty, the system will endeavor to expand the image independently. However, the tool performs more efficiently when provided with some direction. Generative Fill may remind users of Photoshop's existing Content-Aware Fill feature, but it extends more control to the user.

To those familiar with AI image generation tools, the capabilities of Generative Fill will not be a revelation. However, the integration of such advanced technology into mainstream applications like Photoshop is a landmark event, introducing these tools to a broader audience.

A significant aspect of Firefly is its training data. Adobe asserts that the model is trained exclusively on content that Adobe has the right to use. This includes Adobe Stock images, openly licensed content, and content that is not subject to copyright restrictions. Therefore, theoretically, any creations made using Generative Fill should be safe for commercial use. This claim should soothe the concerns of creatives and agencies apprehensive about using AI tools due to potential legal issues.

Another feature of Generative Fill is its support for 'Content Credentials', a system akin to a 'nutrition label' that attaches attribution data to images before they are shared online. This system indicates whether the content was created or edited using AI. The Content Credentials of an image can be verified by inspecting it at, which provides an overview of the image's information.

"Adobe's integration of Firefly directly into workflows as a creative co-pilot is accelerating the process of ideation, exploration, and production for all of our customers," says Ashley Still, senior vice president, Digital Media at Adobe. "Generative Fill combines the speed and ease of generative AI with the power and precision of Photoshop, empowering customers to bring their visions to life at the speed of their imaginations."

Generative Fill is not yet available in the full release of Photoshop. However, you can test it out today by downloading the desktop beta app or as a module within the Firefly beta app. Adobe has announced that we can anticipate a full release onto the public Photoshop app in "the second half of 2023."

Adobe has been progressively incorporating AI-powered tools into its products. Last year at Adobe Max, the company introduced new Photoshop features such as higher-quality object selections, powered by Sensei, another of Adobe's AI models. Firefly is currently used in Adobe Illustrator to recolor vector-based images. Adobe also plans to integrate Firefly with Adobe Express, a cloud-based design platform rivaling services like Canva, although the release date for this integration remains unconfirmed.



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