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Most Comprehensive Free Generative AI Course of 2023


Are you searching for a comprehensive guide to Generative AI in 2023? Look no further than this free 2-hour YouTube course that covers everything from ChatGPT basics to advanced Prompt Engineering techniques.

What Does the ChatGPT Introduction Cover?

What should you expect from the section on ChatGPT? The course begins by exploring the basics of ChatGPT, one of the most popular generative text models today. This segment is foundational, offering you the essential knowledge to understand how ChatGPT operates and its potential applications in natural language processing tasks.

How Does the Course Address Web-Browsing with ChatGPT?

What can you learn about web-browsing features in ChatGPT? The course dedicates time to navigate the web-browsing capabilities of ChatGPT, an often-overlooked but powerful feature. It opens up a world of opportunities for data collection, summarization, and more.

What Insights Does the GPT-4 vs. GPT-3.5 Comparison Offer?

What will you gain from the comparison between GPT-4 and GPT-3.5? This part of the course offers a deep dive into the performance improvements and additional capabilities introduced in GPT-4, helping you understand the practical implications of these advancements in real-world scenarios.

Can You Learn about Non-OpenAI Tools?

Are there insights into tools other than those from OpenAI? Absolutely, the course also covers tools like Bard and Fooocus, offering a broader perspective on the Generative AI landscape. For instance, Fooocus is particularly useful for those looking to enhance focus and productivity.

How Does the Course Aid in Real-World Applications?

How will this course prepare you for real-world applications of Generative AI? By encompassing a range of topics from AI video editing with Snapy to QR code generation with Huggingface, the course offers a holistic view. These skills translate directly to various industries, from media and content creation to data science and marketing.

What Can You Expect from the Leonardo AI Exploration?

How does the course explore Leonardo AI's capabilities? This segment introduces you to Leonardo AI, a tool designed for creative and design-based tasks. Leonardo's unique capabilities extend from automated design layout to visual content generation, opening up new avenues in the creative industry.

What is Unique about Image Prompt Generation in ChatGPT?

How does the course approach image prompt generation in ChatGPT? This section focuses on leveraging ChatGPT for creative tasks, specifically in generating image prompts. It provides insights into how this feature can be used for various applications, such as graphic design and content creation.

What Does the Course Say About GEN-2 Video Generation?

What insights can you gain about GEN-2's video generation capabilities? The course covers the groundbreaking technology behind GEN-2, emphasizing its video generation features. This section is particularly useful for those interested in video content creation, from YouTubers to digital marketers.

How Does the Course Address AI Video Editing with Snapy?

What can you learn about AI video editing using Snapy? This part of the course offers a hands-on approach to video editing using Snapy's AI capabilities. From trimming to adding effects, it provides a step-by-step guide to enhance your video content creation skills.

How Can You Benefit from the GPT-4.5 Open Interpreter Section?

What new knowledge can you acquire from the GPT-4.5 Open Interpreter section? This segment explores the features of the Open Interpreter in the context of GPT-4.5. It offers insights into how this tool can be utilized for various NLP tasks, including but not limited to data extraction and text summarization.

What About Canva's AI Capabilities?

How does the course explore Canva's AI features? This section dives into how Canva leverages AI to simplify design tasks. Whether you're a designer looking to speed up your workflow or a business owner interested in creating quick and effective marketing material, this segment offers valuable insights.

Why Should You Invest Time in This Course?

What makes this 2-hour YouTube course worth your time? Apart from the in-depth content, the course is free and accessible to anyone interested in Generative AI. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded individuals on platforms like Discord to further enrich your learning experience.


Is this free 2-hour YouTube course your ultimate guide to mastering Generative AI in 2023? The course's extensive coverage of both basic and advanced topics, its focus on real-world applications, and the community it offers make it a compelling resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of Generative AI.

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