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Is the New "Panning" Feature on MidJourney a Game Changer for Storytelling?

Have you ever wished for an extended view of your images while working with them? MidJourney's new feature brings this capability to its platform. Named the "Panning" feature, it allows you to expand your images in any direction. But what is the significance of this new feature, and how does it work?

What is the "Panning" Feature in MidJourney?

MidJourney's newly released "Panning" feature allows you to extend the view of your images in four directions: up, down, left, and right. You can think of this feature as providing an expanded canvas for your work, akin to panning a camera across a scene to capture more of it.

How Does Panning Work in MidJourney?

The process is intuitive and user-friendly. Underneath your upscaled images, you will find arrow buttons. Clicking an arrow extends your image in that direction. If you switch to Remix mode in your settings, you can even change your prompt as you extend your image, enabling panoramic storytelling.


1. Start with a basic prompt:

2. Now is when Panning comes into picture:

Select the direction of the PAN, i selected downwards:


3. Now you can PAN upwards to generate or refine the hair style:

You can also pan left or right depending on your use case.

final image after panning up:

Are There Any Limitations to the Panning Feature?

Despite its considerable benefits, the Panning feature does come with certain limitations. Variations are not supported on panned images. If you zoom out on a panned image, its resolution will decrease back down to the default size. You cannot pan both horizontally and vertically on the same image. Moreover, you cannot control the amount you pan with each operation, and you might encounter repetition as you pan. To avoid this, try changing your prompt to include new details as you go.

How Does the Panning Feature Enhance Storytelling?

The Panning feature takes storytelling to a new level. By enabling you to extend your images and modify your prompts, you can create immersive panoramic narratives. It opens up a new world of creativity, making it possible to convey more complex scenes and ideas.

What Does the Future Hold for MidJourney's Panning Feature?

MidJourney's new Panning feature adds a new dimension to the platform. Despite the current limitations, it's a valuable tool that expands the storytelling possibilities for its users. As MidJourney continues to refine and expand its features, we can look forward to an even more powerful platform for creating and sharing visual narratives.

With these exciting developments, MidJourney continues to enhance its platform, empowering users with the tools to unlock their creative potential and redefine digital storytelling. Despite some limitations, the Panning feature is a significant step forward in expanding the boundaries of visual narratives.

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