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Introducing Qwen-72B: A New Frontier in AI by Alibaba Cloud


In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, Alibaba Cloud has set a new benchmark with the introduction of Qwen-72B, the latest and most advanced addition to its Qwen large language model series. Named Tongyi Qianwen, this 72-billion-parameter, Transformer-based model represents a significant leap forward in AI technology, offering unprecedented capabilities and performance across a wide range of tasks.

The Power of Qwen-72B: A Closer Look

Qwen-72B isn't just another large language model; it's a culmination of cutting-edge research, massive data preprocessing, and innovative training techniques. Here's why Qwen-72B stands out:

Large-Scale, High-Quality Training Corpora

Qwen-72B comparison

Pretrained on over 3 trillion tokens, Qwen-72B's training corpus is vast and varied, encompassing Chinese, English, and multilingual texts, as well as specialized content in coding and mathematics. This comprehensive dataset covers both general and professional fields, ensuring the model's versatility and depth of knowledge.

The training data's distribution was meticulously optimized through extensive ablation experiments, ensuring that Qwen-72B not only understands a wide range of topics but also excels in interpreting and generating accurate and contextually relevant responses.

Unmatched Performance

Qwen-72B sets new standards in AI performance. It significantly outperforms existing open-source models in multiple Chinese and English downstream evaluation tasks. Whether it's commonsense reasoning, complex mathematical problem-solving, or understanding and generating code, Qwen-72B demonstrates superior capabilities, showcasing its potential to revolutionize industries and research fields alike.

Comprehensive Vocabulary Coverage

comprehensive vocabulary coverage of Qwen-72B

With a vocabulary exceeding 150,000 tokens, Qwen-72B's linguistic range is vast. This extensive vocabulary is meticulously designed to be more inclusive of multiple languages, allowing for direct enhancements for specific languages without the need to expand the vocabulary further. This feature makes Qwen-72B uniquely positioned to serve a global user base, bridging language barriers and fostering cross-cultural communication and understanding.

Extended Context Support

Understanding context is crucial for generating coherent and relevant responses, especially in complex dialogues or detailed technical discussions. Qwen-72B excels in this area, supporting up to 32,000 tokens of context length. This capability enables the model to maintain consistency over long conversations or documents, making it an invaluable tool for researchers, writers, and businesses requiring detailed and accurate AI-generated content.

How Good is Qwen-72B?

How Good is Qwen-72B

Qwen-72B distinguishes itself as an AI language model through its extensive training on a 3 trillion token dataset, allowing for a nuanced understanding of language. It outperforms other models in multiple tasks, showcasing its aptitude for deep linguistic comprehension and versatility across different domains.

Beyond Qwen-72B: Qwen-72B-Chat

zero-shot accuracy of Qwen-72B-Chat on C-Eval testing set

Building on the foundation of Qwen-72B, Alibaba Cloud has also released Qwen-72B-Chat,

a conversational AI assistant trained with advanced alignment techniques. This specialized version of Qwen-72B is designed to engage users in natural, meaningful conversations, further extending the model's applications to include interactive customer service, tutoring, and more.

A New Era of AI Innovation

Alibaba Cloud's release of Qwen-72B and Qwen-72B-Chat marks a significant milestone in AI development. By making these models open-source, Alibaba Cloud not only demonstrates its commitment to fostering innovation but also invites developers, researchers, and businesses worldwide to explore new possibilities in AI.

As we stand on the brink of a new era in artificial intelligence, Qwen-72B and its derivatives promise to lead the charge, transforming how we interact with technology, understand the world, and solve complex challenges.


Qwen-72B represents a significant stride forward in the field of artificial intelligence, courtesy of Alibaba Cloud. This 72-billion-parameter large language model, with its vast training corpora, unparalleled performance, extensive vocabulary, and enhanced context support, sets a new standard for what AI can achieve. By making Qwen-72B open-source, Alibaba Cloud not only showcases its commitment to advancing AI technology but also opens up a world of possibilities for developers, researchers, and businesses around the globe. As we continue to explore the capabilities and applications of Qwen-72B, it's clear that this model will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of AI, driving innovation, and solving complex challenges across various domains. The launch of Qwen-72B and Qwen-72B-Chat marks the beginning of a new era in AI, one that promises to transform our digital landscape in ways we are just beginning to imagine.

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