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HUGE Midjourney v5.2 Updates: zoom-out feature and more

The journey towards shaping the future of AI-generated imagery continues! We're excited to introduce our latest release, V5.2, packed with enhancements and new features designed to provide a more immersive, diverse, and user-friendly experience. Let’s take a closer look at the novel features we're launching.

Hand's on video guide:

Upgraded Aesthetic System

In V5.2, we're proud to unveil an enhanced aesthetic system that promises improved aesthetics and sharper images, designed to bring a lifelike touch to your AI-generated imagery. The coherence and text understanding have been subtly enhanced, and the overall diversity has been significantly increased. The caveat, though, is that you might sometimes need to roll more than once to get the image you desire.

The newly revamped --stylize command now strongly influences the degree of stylization applied to your image. Ranging from --stylize 0 to --stylize 1000, the default value is set to --stylize 100.

High Variation Mode

To make things more interesting, we've introduced a "High Variation Mode". This mode is turned on by default and substantially varies the results for all variation jobs. To toggle this mode, simply type /settings and select a different variation mode. Plus, you can now choose the degree of variation you desire underneath all upscales.

Introducing the /shorten Command

With the /shorten command, you can 'analyze' a prompt and get suggestions about which words might not be contributing and which ones might be essential. It’s a handy tool that ensures your prompts are crisp, meaningful, and yield the best possible outcomes.

Zoom Out Feature

In our mission to give you more control over the final image, we’ve integrated a 'Zoom Out' feature. All upscales now come with 'zoom out' buttons, allowing you to reframe the image by pulling the camera out and filling in details on all sides. There are options to zoom out by 1.5x or 2x, make a non-square image into a square one, or even set a custom zoom. This advanced feature gives you a popup text box allowing you to modify the prompt as you zoom out, as well as change the aspect ratio or precise zoom.




Given that V5.2 is a recent rollout, some aspects may change over the coming weeks without notice. To allow for maximum user testing, we are making V5.2 the default. You can, however, switch back to V5.1 anytime by typing /settings and clicking on V5.1.

Please be aware that the high variation mode is exclusive to V5.2 and /shorten does not function with multi-prompts.

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