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GPTs: The Death of Startups

Open AI recently announced GPT’s a feature that allows you to create custom GPT Models. What this means in a very raw sense:

  • You can create a on-demand support team by uploading your knowledge base

  • You can create a programmer to write code for your “software”

  • You can create a data analyst to analyse “your” data

Insane! While this is a great news for us, it is unfortunately a terrible week for a bunch of startups. Here’s the list of affected startups (thanks to a friend who sent this) after the announcements were made.

Companies Affect by openAI

For the scope of this email, let’s talk about GPT's only.

What are GPTs?

Think of these as “small” ai models that are built suited to your use case. What does that mean? In most simplest of terms, you can build chatbot that your users can leverage to get answers to their questions.

I tried it out hand’s on for Snapy and it’s very cool. Bot

It can also answer questions like:

I’m a podcaster, how do i use

I was able to set this whole thing up in 5 minutes.

5 Use Cases unlocked after GPTs:

#1 - Custom Website Chatbot - The most straight forward one as demonstrated. Here’s a quick demo if you’d like to set this up yourself.

#2 - Create a Sales Activation Funnel - Similar to a website chatbot, you can build a chatbot to answer certain pre-sales queries.

For example: Which plan is suited for me if I’m a content creator with 10k subscribers?

#3 - Chatbot for a “lesser” known or newer programming languages - You can connect documentation / upload knowledge bases on GPT and create a custom chatbot for “your” code base. Insane right? However, i’d be a little more careful pushing all my code to website.

#4 - Chat with your data - This is an interesting one, and i’m not sure if we’re fully there on this one, but (using actions) i think you should be able to speak to your data. In the example provided by ChatGPT, you can connect to weather api and get data in real time.

#5 - Employee Onboarding experience - By uploading custom onboarding / team data you can let new joiners get quick answers to their joining questions.

What other use cases do you think it unlocks?

My favourite AI Tool from this week

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Snapy allows you to edit your videos with the power of ai. Save at least 30 minutes of editing time for a typical 5-10 minute long video.

- Trim silent parts of your videos
- Make your content more interesting for your audience
- Focus on making more quality content, we will take care of the editing

Landing AI

A platform to create and deploy custom computer vision projects.


An image enhancement platform.


A tool for face-morphing and memes.


SuperAGI is an open-source platform providing infrastructure to build autonomous AI agents.


A tool to create personalized fitness plans.


A tool to summarize lectures and educational materials.


A platform for emails productivity.


An all-in-one social media management tool.


A tool to generate personalized content.

Addy AI

A Google Chrome Exntesion as an email assistant.


A telegrambot to organize notes in Notion.

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