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GPT-4 Finally Has a Contender: A Closer Look at Claude-2

Are You Ready for Claude-2, Anthropic's Response to GPT-4?

As we continue to advance through the age of AI, developers worldwide are competing to produce the most powerful, the most efficient, and the most user-friendly models. The latest contender to enter the ring is Claude-2, Anthropic's response to OpenAI's GPT-4.

How Does Claude-2 Perform in Standard Examinations?

A crucial question on our minds when a new model is introduced is: How does it perform? On standard exams, Claude-2 is swiftly catching up to GPT-4. Although it doesn't quite match GPT-4's scores yet, the progress made from the previous version is remarkable. For example, in the GRE verbal, Claude-2 scores a 165 compared to GPT-4's 169. In GRE writing, Claude-2 takes the lead with a score of 5 compared to GPT-4's 4. However, in GRE quantitative and the USMLE, GPT-4 outperforms Claude-2 with scores of 163 vs 154 and ~85 vs ~67 respectively. In the Bar exam, Claude-2 narrowly takes the lead with a 76.5 compared to GPT-4's 75.7.

Can Claude-2 Reason Better Than GPT-4?

Reasoning is a vital skill for any AI model, particularly those designed to interact with humans or handle complex tasks. On reasoning benchmarks, Claude-2's performance is notable, especially in coding tasks. For instance, in the HumanEval coding test, Claude-2 scores a 71.2%, edging out GPT-4's 67%. To provide a broader context, GPT-3.5 only manages a score of 48%. The improvement in Claude-2's coding abilities is, without a doubt, impressive. However, in the GSM-8K grade-school math test, GPT-4 still takes the lead with a score of 92% against Claude-2's 88%.

Is Claude-2 More Cost-Efficient Than GPT-4?

As businesses and individuals increasingly adopt AI tools, cost becomes a critical consideration. With Claude-2, users can expect a cost efficiency that is 4-5 times better than GPT-4. For example, prompt tokens with Claude-2 cost $11 per million compared to GPT-4's $60 per million. Moreover, completion costs are $32 per million for Claude-2 and $120 per million for GPT-4, assuming similar tokenization lengths.

How Fresh is Claude-2's Knowledge?

The cut-off point for an AI model's knowledge plays a significant role in its relevance and usefulness. Claude-2's knowledge cut-off is in early 2023, while GPT-4's is September 2021. This fresher memory enables Claude-2 to provide more up-to-date responses and interpretations.

How Safe is Claude-2?

In an era where security and privacy are paramount, Claude-2 boasts impressive safety measures. Claude-2 is twice as capable of providing harmless responses compared to its predecessor, version 1.3. Anthropic has also collaborated with the Alignment Research Center (ARC) and external red teamers for thorough safety audits.

Can I Use Claude-2 in Non-English Languages?

With a global user base, it's essential for AI models to cater to various languages. In this aspect, Claude-2 does not disappoint; about 10 percent of its training data is non-English, paving the way for broader usage.

How Can I Experience Claude-2?

Eager to give Claude-2 a spin? Head over to The platform's long context capability allows you to upload entire papers and code files and ask for summaries or bug fixes.

While these results and comparisons are compelling, it's essential to bear in mind that they come with a caveat. Prompting protocols may differ significantly, and there aren't error bars on a large number of exams, making the comparison potentially statistically insignificant. Nonetheless, Claude-2's improvements and features indicate a promising future in the world of AI, enabling more affordable, safer, and more efficient interactions and services for users worldwide. Its advanced reasoning and coding skills could transform industries, ranging from legal to healthcare, and its cost efficiency makes it an attractive option for businesses and individuals alike.

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