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Generative AI to build Video Games: Unity Muse and Unity Sentis

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we think about creativity and innovation. Its boundless potential is being harnessed to redefine various creative processes - from system development to pixel designing. The Unity Technologies team believes that every dimension of the creative journey will be impacted by AI. Taking this belief forward, they are excited to introduce two revolutionary AI-powered products: Unity Muse and Unity Sentis.

AI: A Catalyst for Creativity and Productivity

AI offers a world of opportunities to boost productivity while staying true to one's vision. It can provide in-game features that could be unthinkable without its intelligent prowess. Imagine content that responds to players and users in unprecedented ways, enhancing the overall user experience. The potential is immense and largely untapped.

The Unity team strives to harness the power of AI to stimulate innovation, expedite content creation, and enhance productivity across games, entertainment, and industrial applications. They have been developing a suite of AI tools that can speed up the creation time by finding information and generating draft assets swiftly.

Unity Muse: The New AI Companion for Creators

Unity Muse is a platform designed to be an AI-driven assistant during the creation process. It aims to speed up the making of real-time 3D applications and experiences such as video games and digital twins. The ultimate objective of Muse is to empower creators to fabricate almost anything in the Unity Editor using natural input like text prompts and sketches.

One of the promising features of Muse, now available in closed beta, is Muse Chat. It allows users to use AI-based search across Unity documentation, training resources, and support content. This feature can significantly enhance the speed of development and troubleshooting.

Unity Sentis: A Gamechanger in Real-time Experiences

Unity Sentis is set to be a gamechanger in the true sense. Technically, it bridges neural networks with the Unity Runtime, but the potential of Sentis is far beyond this technical definition.

Sentis allows AI models to run on any device that supports Unity. It is the first cross-platform solution that enables the embedding of AI models into a real-time 3D engine. This means you can build your model once and have it run on multiple platforms – mobile, PC, web, or popular game consoles like Nintendo Switch™ and Sony PlayStation®.

More AI Solutions on the Horizon

Unity Technologies is also rolling out AI Verified Solutions – third-party packages that meet Unity's highest quality and compatibility standards. These solutions, available on the Unity Asset Store, include AI-powered smart NPCs, AI-produced VFX, textures, 2D sprites, and 3D models, generative speech, in-game testing with AI, and more. All of these are designed to support and enhance the creative process.

Join the Journey

As Unity continues its AI-driven journey, the company invites all creators to sign up for the Unity AI Beta Program to stay updated on current and upcoming AI betas. Unity Muse and Unity Sentis are set to open new pathways of creativity and innovation. We eagerly anticipate the revolutionary ways in which the Unity community will employ these tools to accelerate workflows and boost experiences.

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