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Generative AI for Founders: 4 Ways It Makes Them More Interesting to Journalists

In the rapidly evolving media landscape, the advent of generative AI is set to transform the way startups approach PR. With major news companies like the Associated Press signing deals with OpenAI and media job cuts reaching record highs, there's no doubt that the media landscape is changing. While AI-powered content can enhance the capabilities of publications, it also risks saturating the internet with impersonal and generic content.

In this blog, we will explore how founders can leverage generative AI to their advantage and stand out in the age of ChatGPT. By embracing the right PR strategies, startups can create engaging and human-driven narratives that capture the attention of journalists and readers alike.

1. Embedding Yourself in Current and Future Events

One of the key limitations of generative AI is its inability to exist in the present. AI models are trained on past datasets and cannot follow real-time news. This creates an opportunity for founders to distinguish themselves by offering timely and insightful commentary on unfolding events and trends.

To capitalize on this, founders should:

Monitor Daily Media:

Keep a close eye on news outlets to stay informed about current events and trending topics.

Insert Yourself into Breaking News:

When relevant news breaks, position yourself or your company as an expert source to provide valuable insights.

Share Punchy Opinions:

Develop thought pieces that offer sharp and engaging opinions on select themes related to your industry.

Go Beyond Your Niche:

Look for opportunities to speak on broader topics, such as new regulations impacting your industry.

Tap into Offline Circles:

Use your network to gather insights and sentiments from industry peers and colleagues, providing a unique perspective beyond what AI-generated content can offer.

Predict the Future:

Become an industry expert who can offer well-informed predictions on where trends are heading.

By being present, engaged, and insightful in the real world, founders can position themselves as valuable sources for journalists seeking human-driven narratives.

2. Creating Compelling and Original Content

While generative AI can produce professional-sounding content, it often lacks the emotional impact and authenticity that human-written content offers. Readers crave stories that resonate with their experiences and emotions. Successful founders can leverage generative AI as a tool to complement their efforts rather than replace them.

To create compelling and original content:

Embrace Your Unique Voice:

Use your personal experiences, perspectives, and emotions to infuse authenticity and uniqueness into your content.

Tell Human Stories:

Share personal anecdotes and stories that humanize your brand and connect with readers on a deeper level.

Avoid Template-driven Content:

Stay away from generic templates and instead focus on crafting tailor-made content that reflects your brand's identity.

Spark Controversy (with Caution):

Sometimes, taking a provocative stance on relevant topics can garner attention and spark discussions.

Engage with Your Audience:

Interact with your audience on social media, forums, and other platforms to build meaningful connections.

By being intentional about the content you produce and prioritizing authentic storytelling, you can set yourself apart from AI-generated content and gain the interest of journalists and readers alike.

3. Leveraging AI to Enhance Creativity and Efficiency

Rather than viewing generative AI as a threat to creativity, founders can embrace it as a powerful tool to enhance their content creation process. AI-powered writing assistants like ChatGPT can help you brainstorm ideas, refine drafts, and automate repetitive tasks, leaving you more time to focus on strategic aspects of your PR efforts.

To leverage AI effectively:

Use AI as an Assistant, Not a Replacement:

Treat AI as a valuable assistant to complement your creative process, not a replacement for your unique insights and perspectives.

Automate Repetitive Tasks:

Utilize AI to automate mundane tasks like generating article outlines, formatting, and proofreading.

Refine Ideas with AI:

Collaborate with AI to explore different angles and perspectives for your content, helping you discover fresh and innovative insights.

Improve SEO with AI:

Use AI-powered tools to optimize your content for search engines and improve your online visibility.

By embracing AI as a creative aid, founders can streamline their content creation process, freeing up time to focus on higher-level strategies and interactions with journalists.

4. Establishing Thought Leadership Through AI

Generative AI can play a crucial role in helping founders establish thought leadership in their respective industries. By using AI-generated content to spark conversations, founders can position themselves as innovative thinkers and industry experts.

To establish thought leadership through AI:

Craft Thought-Provoking Questions:

Use AI-generated content to pose thought-provoking questions to your audience, initiating meaningful discussions.

Provide Insights and Analysis:

Utilize AI-generated data analysis to back up your arguments and present data-driven insights.

Curate AI-Generated Content:

Handpick the most relevant and valuable AI-generated content to share with your audience, showcasing your expertise in the subject matter.

Engage in Conversations: Actively participate in discussions sparked by AI-generated content, demonstrating your expertise and engagement with industry topics.

By leveraging AI to spark thought-provoking discussions and offering valuable insights, founders can position themselves as industry thought leaders and attract the attention of journalists seeking expert perspectives.


Generative AI is set to revolutionize the way startups approach PR, presenting both opportunities and challenges. By embedding themselves in current events, creating compelling and original content, leveraging AI as a creative tool, and establishing thought leadership through AI-generated content, founders can stand out in the age of ChatGPT. By embracing AI as a complement to their unique perspectives, founders can engage journalists and readers with human-driven narratives that captivate and resonate on a deeper level. In this rapidly changing media landscape, successful PR strategies will shine by combining the power of AI with the authenticity and creativity that only humans can bring to the table.

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