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Fictiverse's Redream - Enhancing Real-Time Stable Diffusion

In the rapidly expanding world of technology, we continuously seek ways to improve and streamline our digital experiences. Fictiverse's Redream provides an innovative approach to achieving real-time stable diffusion from a screen area using Automatic1111's API, creating a seamless and enhanced user experience.

A Glimpse into Fictiverse's Redream

Redream, a product of Fictiverse, is a cutting-edge technology designed to work with the Windows operating system. The software combines its prowess with Automatic1111's stable-diffusion-webui to generate a robust real-time stable diffusion from a selected screen area. This technology provides users with a real-time feed of screen diffusion, enhancing user interaction with digital content.

Setting up Redream

To set up and run Redream, you will need the Automatic1111 stable-diffusion-webui. Users need to ensure the --xformers and --api command-line arguments are set in their "webui-user.bat." In addition to this, the ControlNet Extension, .NET 6.0 Framework, and the latest Redream release are required.

Alternatively, for those familiar with Visual Studio, you have the option of compiling the repository.

Redream at Work

Once you've set up your workspace, start Automatic1111's stable-diffusion-webui and wait until it's ready. Now you're all set to begin with Redream.

Using Redream is a breeze. Start by placing the capture area where you want it on your screen. Redream offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, enabling users to move, paint, and erase masks with simple mouse clicks. You can also adjust the brush size and resize the capture zone with the mouse scroll.

Redream also provides users with the ability to save generated frames and adjust the aspect ratio, enhancing the overall user experience and control. It's not just about capturing screen areas; Redream allows you to customize the diffusion settings. Change the seed value, steps, denoising strength, and cfg scale with just a few clicks.

Saving and Using Presets

One of the outstanding features of Redream is the option to save presets. Click to enable the favorite mode, select a slot number, and save your current prompt into it. This feature makes it easy to reuse your preferred settings in the future.

Interrogating Captured Images

Another impressive feature of Redream is the ability to interrogate the last captured image. This feature provides users with a detailed analysis of the captured image, providing valuable insights that can be used for various purposes.


Fictiverse's Redream is a technological breakthrough that revolutionizes how we interact with our screens. It provides users with a real-time stable diffusion from a screen area, enriching the user experience and providing an enhanced level of control over digital content. From setting up to using and saving presets, every step in the Redream process has been designed with the user in mind, making it a must-have tool for all tech enthusiasts.

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