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Basic User Guide for the Open Source Chat PDF App

Welcome to our Open Source Chat PDF App powered by Langchain & OpenAI! This guide will help you navigate the application and ensure you make the most out of its features.

Step 1: Obtain your OpenAI API Key

To begin using this app, you need an OpenAI API Key. You can obtain it by creating an account on the OpenAI website. Once signed in, go to your account settings to find your unique API key.

Step 2: Open the Application

Visit the application hosted at a given URL. You will be greeted with a straightforward interface with an area on the left for your OpenAI API key.

Step 3: Input your OpenAI API Key

On the left sidebar, locate the text input box titled "Enter your OPEN AI API key". Type or paste your OpenAI API key into this box.

Note: Your API key is kept secure. It is not stored or sent anywhere outside the application. Moreover, it is removed as soon as you close the application, enhancing your security.

Step 4: Upload a PDF File

After entering the API key, go to the main section of the application where it says "Upload a PDF file". Click on the "Browse files" button, navigate your file directory, and select the PDF you want to ask questions about.

Note: The file upload limit is 200MB per file.

Step 5: Ask Questions

Once the file is uploaded, you'll see a text input box under the section "Let's ask questions :)". Here, you can type any questions related to the content of the uploaded PDF file.

For example, if you uploaded a document about compliance guidelines, you can ask, "What are the penalties for non-compliance?"

Step 6: Get Your Answer

After entering your question, press Enter. The AI will generate an answer based on the content of the PDF, which will be displayed right below your question.

You can continue to ask more questions as desired. Every time you ask a question, a new AI-generated response will appear below it.

Step 7: Ending the Session

When you're done asking questions, you can simply close the browser tab to end the session. Remember, your API key and other data are not stored, so you'll need to re-enter the key and upload the PDF file again in the next session.

Congratulations! You now know how to use our Open Source Chat PDF App. Feel free to explore, ask questions, and enjoy the power of AI at your fingertips!

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