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A revolutionary open source AI Text to Speech model: BARK is here

Imagine a world where you can generate highly realistic, multilingual speech, music, background noises, and even simple sound effects just by typing a text prompt. That world is now a reality with Bark, a transformer-based ai text-to-speech model created by Suno.

Bark is a groundbreaking tool that takes text input and generates incredibly lifelike audio, including nonverbal communications like laughing, sighing, and crying. This versatile model is set to revolutionize the digital audio landscape, offering new possibilities for content creators, musicians, and even businesses.

But Suno doesn't just want to keep Bark to themselves – they're generously providing access to pretrained model checkpoints, enabling users to dive right into inference and even use the model for commercial purposes. Keep in mind, though, Bark was developed for research purposes and may deviate from provided prompts in unexpected ways. Users should employ Bark responsibly and at their own risk.

The Bark community is constantly growing, with users sharing updates, new features, and useful prompts on platforms like Discord. You can also find voice prompt libraries and tutorials to help you make the most of Bark's capabilities.

If you're worried about hardware requirements, fear not – Bark has been tested and works on both CPU and GPU setups. For those with less powerful hardware, Suno offers options for smaller models that still provide impressive results.

So, whether you're a content creator looking to generate unique voices for your projects, a musician seeking inspiration for new tunes, or just someone who wants to explore the world of generative audio, Bark is a game-changing tool that's worth checking out.

Don't miss the chance to be part of this exciting new era of text-to-audio generation. Join the Bark community, try out the model, and see what incredible things you can create. And for even more access to Suno's model playground, sign up for early access to Suno Studio!



Snapy allows you to edit your videos with the power of ai. Save at least 30 minutes of editing time for a typical 5-10 minute long video.

- Trim silent parts of your videos
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