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Explain any Black-Box AI Model in Three Simple Steps

Call the explainX function, pass in your model and test dataset, and watch the results roll within seconds.

Learn how it works in your Jupyter Notebook.

Install our Open-Source xAI Package

Install the explainX library by calling the
$pip install explainx function in your Jupyter notebook.


Pass your model & data set into the function

Import our library and initiate the main function. Pass in your test dataset, machine learning model and the name of the model.

Get results within seconds!

Insights are delivered in easy-to-navigate graphs and cross-tabs so you can easily draw insights that can help you build trustworthy and unbiased AI solutions.


Our Features

Explain the unexplainable

Easily understand every single prediction made by your AI model and spot errors.

Democratize your findings

Easily generate reports and share your findings with your team.

Human-AI working together

Ensure human oversight to enable compliance with industry and government regulations

Explain your first model now.