We’re on a mission of bringing trust and transparency in AI.

Our Company

Trust, fairness and transparency are more important than ever in today's AI solutions - but most of AI solutions are built on top of "black-box" models - we don't know why behind the predictions and we don't know how these black-box AI models work.

That is why we created the world's first open-source explainable AI platform - bringing the power of explainability and interpretability to every data scientist.

Our Culture

We were born in the midst of COVID-19. We have have adopted to a complete remote working environment with systematic processes in place to ensure productivity and employee happiness.

We place special emphasis on virtual-networking between our company members to keep the sense of togetherness intact.

We don't believe in micromanaging and expect our employees to have liberty in how they perform their tasks and navigate ambiguity.

We are extremely results driven and believe in a disciplined approach to execution.

Our Values


What's different about working at explainX.ai?

We are cultivating a culture where every employee can feel at home and grow professionally and personally without any barriers. We make sure to provide voice to each of our employees regardless of their rank in the company.

We move fast and with passion. We expect our employees to work together, support each other and collectively generate results by being honest to themselves.

We believe in supporting our customers by actively engaging with them and translating their needs into actual features. We drive our innovation by staying close to our customers and anticipating their needs to provide them with the best user experience while translating results into actual value.

Current Positions

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We're always looking for talented individual who believe in collective responsibility and are passionate about solving problems in the field of AI.

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